Narcissistic Mothers and Their Children

Narcissists Lie

They lie on the ground
 They lie all around, 

They lie when they talk,
They lie when they walk. 

They lie to impress
 They lie to undress

They lie just to see
How powerful they can be! 

They lie like they lay,
With many games that they play. 

If they talk, then they lie 
If they breathe, then they lie,

It's as though their life is a lie,
And so shall they decieve until they die!

Narcissists no longer even know what is true,
When confronted with honesty they'll just hate you!

ALL narcissists Lie, The narc girl AND The narc guy,

Yuliya Litus Online Dating Scam  Юлия Литус 

Covert Narcs are perpetual liars and always play the victim to manipulate others.  Constant lies help them get what they want and cover up,  but also lie over small things that don't make sense. As though to test you how much they can get away with.  

This scammer has been through these relationship cycles many times and knows well in advance, from experience, the stages of each cycle.  She will test you along the way.  She is incapable of commitment to you. Please watch this video as it is exact to my experience. Dating sites are endless supply source for Narc Scammers like this.

Narcs constantly lie.  They hate you and will destroy you because they cannot be the person that you are. Watch what they do and not what they say.  Watch their actions for signs of abuse. 

.. more to come

* As with most scammers, a major international hub like Kiev, Moscow or London brings more opportunity. This profile acquired an EU passport to expand her opportunities along with some other assets from another victim - you can read about it here.   Although I believe everything posted on these sites is true, please use at your discretion as this site is based on my own experience and not affiliated with any external links.

If you note any discrepancies on this site or have the most current photo, information to post, please submit it to

Words of a SCAMMER meaning “I love you ” are all just words to get your money and to use you.....more words from the romance scammer... “You are the love of my life” ... “Will you marry me?” i have credit problems and I need to solve it fast.. .. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” ...  at least until the next guy with more money comes along..... don't even look at my ass unless you promise to take me shopping for some expensive designer clothes ... “For ever love for ever love” well, until you will not pay me for sex! “I love you”, “I am not finished with you yet”...i need a car .. a lexus or a bimer will do .. “You’re all that matters to me” just keep sending my monthly allowance, like a monthly retainer and then pay  for sex each time. “I love you” if you will pay for my breast I can scam other men with even more money than you. “I miss you I want you I love you” My child needs $500.00 for daycare . “Words can’t say how much I want you to be mine” I need $1,700.00 for an airline ticket! “I want you and I want you forever” now I need $2,000.00 in cash and if you will not give it to me, another guy in Toronto will..... “Like a drum my heart never stops beating for you” now I need $200.00 per month “You make me happy”, just keep sending me money..... “Let’s run away together” so I can hide from the men I took money from. Your day is filled with lots of love. “Sorry”, “sincerely sorry” I took all your money and now your wallet is empty. “Goodbye”, at least say goodbye to your money. “Time passes. Memories fade. Feelings change. People leave. But hearts never forget”. I got your money, now I change my mind and I am gone, I owe you money? Sorry, I moved on....”Goodbye”  

Thanks Wayne for your contribution:

Working with a partner (administrator) to screen her victims, this scammer uses online dating sites, escort and dating agencies to generate a list of hundreds of potential clients.  Once suitable candidates (targets) are identified (not necessarily based on financial, age or looks,  but rather risk / reward model or NPD supply type), defrauds money from several victims to support her lifestyle and hidden investments. It is strictly a business model, and by the time you realize you are one of the victims, you are replaced by the next candidate on her list.  

...  Don’t be another victim.  

Behavioral Patterns - Our contributors write: 

Affiliated Dating and Escort Agencies

- coming soon ... 

Yuliya Litus Online Dating Scam  Юлия Литус ​

“Every man and woman should be aware of and be able to spot the toxic traits of lovers who display narcissistic qualities. In stage one of a relationship with a narcissist called Elevation, the narcissist heaps praise on you, treats you like a king or a queen, puts you on a pedestal and makes you feel like you have finally found “the one.” In stage two of a relationship with a narcissist called De-Elevation, the narcissist starts to find fault with you, criticize and make you feel like you are crazy or that there is something wrong with you. In stage three of a relationship with a narcissist called Discard, they shut you out, stonewall your attempts to communicate and resolve things and leave you wondering what the hell went wrong. People who have a low self-esteem or low sense of self worth, are most susceptible to the manipulation and abuse tactics of a narcissist. Therefore, you should become hyper aware, alert and observant when a new lover pursues you too hard, blows too much sunshine up your ass and often makes you feel like things are too good to be true as soon as you meet. Always look at what people do, not what they say. When you spot narcissistic behavior, run like hell and never look back. Narcissists are only interested in themselves, stroking their ego, using others to feel better about themselves and getting what they want.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne.

Regardless if the scammer pretends to have NPD as an excuse to scam others, the result is the same and the only satisfaction I get from the time and the effort put into this site is that another scam is prevented and someone else is not victimized (Targeted) like I was.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to this site and it will be updated as new information comes forward.  Some information cannot be posted due to site regulations, but you can request it if you have any information to exchange or post.  Please send it to All information received will be held in confidence and anonymity assured. 

All information on this site is verified and substantiated by documented proof.

You reached this site because you may be in contact with a scammer.  This is my experience of someone with Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). 

Unmasking the NPD scammer

This scammer has been at her game for a very long time. With many years of experience and some of the methods she uses in her scam to project onto you are rooted in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


 Yuliya Litus       
Date of Birth
 December 4, 1979
Place of Birth
Eye Color
 Gray / Blue
Hair Color

This changes as needed. Naturally chestnut, but normally colored black. Blonde on some dating profiles.

Place of Residence

 Kiev, Moscow* 

Current Address Available on file
IP Address Available on file
 Available on file
Email Available on file
 Yuliya Lis / Li / Litus
Dating Profile
 fdating /picture
Dating Profile fdating /picture
Photos * Link coming soon

Information current as of June 1, 2017

Covert Narcs are not generation aware.  In other words, they will scam the young and the old equally without empathy.  They look for the generous, caring and kind or loving person to drain.

*Based on sample size of 200 over 30 day period

Covert Narcs are aware that their grand image is false.  They use Lies and Manipulation to cover up.

The effect by Covert Narc on their target is the worst of all the Narcissistic Disorders because it slowly corrodes your sense of reality over time.  It can lead to anxiety disorders and nervous breakdown, heart conditions, suicide etc.  can convince the victim they are the crazy ones.

Under Development.. Come back soon ....  This site is dedicated to Russian and Ukrainian Dating Scammers

A true story with real pictures to follow about a confirmed dating scammer named Yuliya Litus and how to prevent this online dating scam from happening to you.  As most scammers of this kind,  the profile pictures in are heavily altered through the use of editors like photoshop.  They may not resemble even the real pictures as posted.  Yuliya Litus Dating Scammer Living in Kiev, Ukraine found on fdating

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You are targeted as a supply because you have something the scammer wants like money, assets, social status or passport. You own a home, or apartment, a car and what kind.. your lifestyle.  How do you travel?  Business or Economy.. etc.   You will be screened for this in the first stage.  Be aware that all information including deepest personal information is shared within network of other scammers.

Covert Narcs are aware of the fraud they are committing.  They just do it because they feel they are entitled and feel too clever to get away with it.  They will strip you of everything you have and discard you before moving on within 3 to 6 months.. before you even 
realize what happened. If you are not living with her,  this time frame can be much longer and the reason why she won't move to you so you will not uncover all of the lies and cheating,  but note her disappearances. 

           Approach Avoidance Repetition Complex

Examples and description of a scammer exhibiting the behavior of Narcissistic  Personality Disorder (NPD).  The videos give you some insight on how to identify and deal with this kind of parasite.

Although this is a life story of NPD scammer, pay attention to the behavioral patterns and what to expect.  The pattern of the scammer I was involved is almost identical to life trajectory as presented in the earlier years.    

This is a well-known street game amongst the dating scammers in Ukraine.

The profiles seem to be some sort of fraud. Never send money to someone you have never met (or have met -for that matter). 

They have no moral values and lie without bounds to set the framework for fraud to be committed. For example, her child may need some sort of medical operation, or her mother is suffering from serious medical condition  or some looming danger that they need immediate financial assistance. 

They draw you in by establishing trust so that you will be compelled to give.

Do not get scammed. I am <name removed> living in Kiev. I have NOT found any of these (dating) profiles to be legitimate. Each, and every one, found to be fake.Idiotic!.  This is part of a network of scammers - These are very complicated and get proud if they can trick others out of a few bucks.  Like some sort of prize to show amongst others on how much they have scammed from their victim. 

Damsel in distress (pretends to be the victim)

Almost always this scam begins with you as the white knight or "Hero" to the rescue of the damsel in distress.  What you may not realize is that you have been "framed" or invested in a relationship where common sense tells you that this person is not likely to harm you, but you are far wrong with your thoughts because this is a measure the scammer uses to gauge your level of commitment or interest in her.  

She may portray her ex as the villain or abuser to build on your sympathy and as many scammers will use some form of media like staged or photoshop images /documents to get you to believe their story.  I only realized these were all fake after it was too late.

As with many scammers of this kind with a child, you really need to investigate before you get in too deep.  Some of these who were married to a foreigner may be fugitives from law outside their country.  They may have run away with their wealth and have local investments to maintain.  In reality they never intend leaving this behind to be with you. It also allows them to continue their business practice in  Ukraine. There are also serious child custody issues and even wanted for parental abduction.

Multiple Dating Profiles

Scammers  like this may have multiple dating profiles and use tools like photoshop to alter their appearance.  They will lie about some things in their profile,  like their location or hair color,  but impossible to lie about their eye color or child(ren).  Observe the profile activity - if you see it substantially spike up,  it means the scammer is broadcasting to possibly hundreds of clients  (or set limit by the dating site),  sending them their email address/contact info. The recipients will almost always view the profile/pictures before they respond. One contributor writes that he identified this scammer with one profile stating Kiev, along with , profiles listing Samara and Novosibirsk. Possibly others.